Teen pregnancy

K • Marissa & Baby T💓

So I know there’s probably 1,001 other people talkin about this same topic but I’ve decided to rant right quick bc this is a controversial topic anyways and also bc I had ran across my own personal experience dealing with a woman and her remarks about my age when I had my first child (14 when I had gotten pregnant, 15 when I had gave birth)

Now I understand 14 is young, very young actually to even be thinking ab sex, much less having a baby but I’m not the first girl nor will I be the last. This woman talked ab me as if I just completely blown her mind. So what is the big deal about teen moms?? I need to know

Revise: Ok so the question is what is the big deal about teen moms when it comes to strangers. Strangers love to make comments all the time about it as if it influences their daily life that I brought a life into this world🙂