Advise/Help/Opinions anything..


So I'm only 14 weeks so my baby shower is still a ways away however, my MIL is REEEAALLY pushing me to have two.. she wants me to have one with my family and then have another with my boyfriends family.. I want only one, I know it'll be big and there'll be lots of people but that's what I want.

A little back story, I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years, lived with him and his parents for 1 year. Both our families haven't met yet, our parents have but only a handful of times. I would absolutely LOVE for our families to meet before our little one gets here, plus we want to get married in late 2018, early 2019. And I really don't want them meeting at the wedding, I want everyone to know everyone. I don't want that awkward separation at the wedding.

Now back to the baby shower. My mom is letting ME decide everything, the theme, where it'll be, the guest list, all that. She's doing it all but I have say so in it all. My MIL tho, only wants her and her husbands family to come to one and me have one with my family. I don't want that at all and I've expressed this over and over again and she just keeps telling me "well that's going to be too much, I can't plan for everyone we both have big families." I get that however, it'll be my mom, sister, grandma, MIL and my boyfriends aunt helping plan it all. So it's not going to be JUST HER. To me, it'll be easier because of everyone's work schedules, I don't have to worry about getting too many doubles (which I know will happen anyways), I don't have to worry about trying to plan two separate days for me at two separate locations, plus I think it'd be a perfect time for our families to finally meet and somewhat get to know each other..

Am I wrong for wanting one baby shower?

I feel like two is just TOO much..