My Day at the Doctors/Hospital getting an IV

Bobbi Jo • 🌈 Baby Phoenix born May 24 2018

Ladies, trust your instincts and get the fluids if you are dehydrated from not being able to keep anything down. It is so worth it and overall a good experience (getting the IV not the getting sick).

Short story

Violently ill for 7 hours in the early AM (possibly/hopefully a viral infection). Ended up at doctor's appointments all day because of it and ended up getting 2 liters of fluids and Zofran in the IV. Also got a Zofran prescription and a progesterone prescription. Also had an optimistic ultrasound after a miscarriage in July. Hopefully things are going up from here.

Full story (it's long)

My Tuesday was a wild ride. I woke up at 12:30 AM and puked my guts out. At 6 weeks exactly, I was sure this was my first bout with morning sickness as it is quite common in my family to start then.

I ate half of a real fruit popsicle to get the taste out of my mouth and something light in my stomach and went back to bed. Less than 30 minutes later I was back at it and regretted the popsicle. But as my stomach was surely empty I went back to bed.

Boy was I wrong! I was up the rest of the night vomiting and having diarrhea approximately every 30 minutes. I called the midwife on call, and she said to call the office at 8 to get an appointment and possibly get fluids.

My husband went to work for an hour at 7 to get things situated before taking the day off to care for me. As 8 approached, I was feeling so weak and unsure as to how I'd actually call the office and my husband to let him know what time my appointment was. But alas I did it and then had to manage to put some pants on, take my shirt off, put on a bra, put my shirt back on, find shoes, and gather my bucket and blanket. It was quite the exertion, and I took numerous breaks.

Had a pretty standard "first visit" with an exam, bloodwork, urine sample, and transvaginal ultrasound. I was too dehydrated for them to see anything on the US so they sent me to radiology where they have better equipment. I was also scheduled for fluids at the outpatient infusion center.

The ultrasound at radiology went pretty well. The baby measured almost precisely to our dates which was a relief after our miscarriage in July. That pregnancy measured only 6 weeks when it should have been 8+ weeks. There was also a visible heartbeat. After a 2 hour gap between appointments, 1 of which I spent napping in the parking ramp, I got 2 liters of fluids and Zofran in an IV. TBH the infusion center is pretty great. There are warm blankets, recliners, snacks, and drinks. I was finally able to nibble on a Rice Krispie treat. After my stomach cramps--due to the dehydration--subsided and I felt a lot better.

They think it was a stomach virus due to the diarrhea I also had but gave me a Zofran prescription for home just in case. In addition, my bloodwork showed my progesterone dropped from week 4 so I requested a supplement prescription just to be safe. It's not dangerously low but I'd rather not risk it after my MC. I'm now on 100 mg every night vaginally.

Don't be afraid to call/ask for what you think is the best thing for you and your baby. My miscarriage has taught me to stick up for myself with healthcare providers unlike I've ever been able to before. I hope none of you have to experience those 7 hours of hell but if you do go to the doctors. It's worth it. I hope you all have happy and relatively uncomplicated pregnancies!