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So let me say first that my mother in law were very close but things have kinda shifted in weird ways. I have OCD-I take medication for this and am quite stable, but I wasn't always (high school years) and my mother in law knows this.

Her youngest dates girls that happen to have mental illnesses as well and they use them as manipulative tactics. Her son broke up with both girls and was rather unscathed. But she always makes comments like "I wish he would just find someone normal" ALL OF THE TIME

then a couple times I've made jokes and she will laugh and then go "oh so that's why your crazy!" And play it off.

She's went on a trip recently and messaged everyone in the family except me and said "wish you were here".

She also made a list one time that DH and I found accidentally that listed things she was great full for and it had every member in the family and her friends except me.

When we were close I told her about when I was raped in college and she was really sweet about it. Then at Christmas the topic of rape came up and she said "I'm sorry but if I had a daughter I would say that if you drink to much then she's asking for something bad to happen

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