Medicaid questions

Right now I am on Medicaid, I am due in January. My boyfriend and I plan for me to be a stay at home mom when baby comes while he works his two jobs and brings in all of the income for us. Please no judgements I know many people have opinions about govt assistance but at this point if I work after baby comes it will just be to cover daycare which I’m sort of against since it will not be helping my family any it will just be to pay for someone else to watch my child, so we decided for me to just stay at home. Anyway, I know that baby will be covered under Medicaid for a full year but my question is will I still qualify for Medicaid after my pregnancy since I will not be working and my boyfriend and I are not married? I know I’m covered for 6 weeks post partum but I’m hoping I will still be able to keep Medicaid after that 6 weeks since I will be pretty much unemployed. And will my child still qualify for Medicaid after a year if our finances and situation is still the same? Thoughts or anyone who got to stay on Medicaid after 6 weeks after having baby? Any stay at home moms in the same boat? Any moms who have kids still on Medicaid after 1 yr of age?