Sick all the time

Sarah • I'm 22, in a relationship, and I want to be more positive in my life. Twitter: @piespice

I had to quit my job a few months ago after being on medical leave for 3 months. For some reason I get really sick and we can't find out why. When I was a kid I would miss at least 1 day of school a month because I would get sick. I've been hospitalized for high fevers many times. I couldn't work because I would get high fevers and we couldn't figure out why. Currently I have had a sore throats with a reoccurring fever for the past 3 weeks (it started right before hurricane Irma). I'm just so frustrated with this. I can't live my life because I'm so sick. I was hospitalized in January for having a fever of 105.5°f. I had a Ct scan done and around 25 blood tests done. Everything was negative. There's no reason for this. (My normal body temp is around 97.5°f. I've always had a lower body temp but I get sick all the time with high fevers. The highest iv ever had was 107.5°f and I was in the hospital for a week with that)

It's currently 11:46pm and I have a fever and an exam at 8am tomorrow. Iv already missed two classes in a row because of these fevers.

I'm sorry I'm just venting.