Pregnant and breastfeeding?


I recently came off of the injection (end of august/early September) so we could start trying for our third baby. I had my first period at the end of august which lasted just over a week. Me and my fiancé obviously did a little bit of baby dancing although not much as I then bleed again the week after for a few days. Last night I started to get a really sore boob! I'm still breastfeeding my 11 month old and I've had mastitis when she was little. The pain is only in 1 boob, it hurts to feed, when I'm not feeding. There's no lump and it's not hot to touch etc. Has anyone else experienced this at this stage of breastfeeding? Could it be an early symptom? My fiancé is convinced it is and if it continues over the weekend I'll obviously take a test, I just wanted to know if anyone had experienced anything similar? Also, if I went by my first bleed as a period my app says I'd be due in 2 days!