weaning off bottle yet?

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Liam will be 6 months in just 13 days.

for some reason he's never "liked" the bottle, and would eat all his formula off a spoon if it was up to him! lol. and we've done this via the "Boon spoon -squeezable spoon", at times that we knew he was hungry but didn't want bothered with a sit down bottle feed session.

so, yesterday we bought a Dr. Brown transistioning sippy cup, and today we bought the Munchkin 360° cup. he took to the cup very well. but so far we have only put an oz of water in it, you know, to practice drinking. and we give it to him when he's having his little "meals." which water is also a first. he hasnt had water up until now.

I'm debating on putting formula in The cup at times, since he likes drinking from that vs. the bottle.

has anyone else dealt with this yet? wanting the cup instead of the bottle?

anyone giving a cup on a daily basis yet?

I just feel that he's a little young to completely wean off the bottle? yet, hes the one running the show here lol.