He called me boring


So I may be a little sensitive today or taking this the wrong way or whatever, but today my fiancé seemed to call me boring. He said he wasn't going to be hanging out much anymore the next week or so because he's going to get back into trading which is great, then he said, "we don't do anything when you're over here anyways" first of all, i would love to be doing things if I wasn't going to school full time and working part time. But when I get back from work I'm exhausted (I'm a preschool teacher) and when I get back from school I have homework to accomplish. On the weekends we do things once in awhile but honestly all I want to do is be lazy since the days of the week I'm busting my ass. Idk. Maybe I'm being too sensitive about this, but how do I explain to him that his comment made me mad?