Three Day Induction

Morgan • 21 year old College student | engaged | Mama to Claudia Willow 10/5/2017

Went to the hospital Tuesday afternoon to get the process started with 12 hours of cervadil. It makes for some pretty bad cramps but did absolutely nothing else. Baby was low enough though that they decided to try low dose pitocin all Wednesday, which did the job and by Thursday morning I was dilated enough to have my water broken. Honestly, I had been told that when your water breaks it feels like you’re peeing yourself, it definitely doesn’t unless you pee once a year because once it starts it DOES NOT stop! Once my water broke I started having intense back pain, which I learned was back labor, and back labor can go to hell. The epidural was my best friend though, I managed to nap for quite a while which was awesome. They gave me this weird peanut ball I guess it’s called? It stayed in between my legs almost the entire time, I don’t know if it’s standard at all hospitals, but it should be because I think it helped a ton. By 4:00 I started pushing and baby was out in an hour and I only had a 1 degree tear, which I attribute to the ball helping me stretch because lord knows I did jack shit to prepare for labor lol. Claudia Willow was born 10/5/2017 at 7 lbs and 13oz and 21 inches. 💖 Also, in case anyone was wondering, I’m a diabetic and my sugars were getting too high/she was estimated to be a big baby so they started the induction at 39 weeks and 3 days