ball poops update:

my son (8 months) has has only ball poops for 3 days now he poops about 2 to 3 times a day and they are all small solid balls and he struggles to get them out he keeps pushing until he turns red in the face. I just gave him prunes this morning so hopefully they kick in by this afternoon. prunes usually do the trick for him but just in case it doesn't work this time any suggestions on how to handle this? all he eats is fruit in the morning nothing binding and veggies at night and he's on breast milk the rest of the day and night I would imagine these would help him poop regularly. he hasn't had much of an appetite though and I believe it's because he just cut a tooth and is constipated. I hate seeing him struggle. every time he is constipated I usually wait a day to make sure and it either corrects itself or I give him prunes only once has it gotten to the point where he was screaming and crying trying to poop about 2 months ago and it broke my heart despite my efforts to help him poop I really don't want it to get to that point again. update: he just pooped as I was reading the comments thank goodness lol thank you for all your help ladies