Jess β€’ cat mama. band wife. planner. conscientious consumer. got my bfp!

I am currently 11DPO and I need strength not to test. It's too early, right?

This cycle *feels* different. But it could be psychosomatic. That's the effed up part of all of this: every symptom you spot could be: 1. A legit pregnancy symptom, 2. PMS or 3. Something you're totally imagining.

Never ever has my Type-A, boss-lady, glass-ceiling busting self ever felt so... crazy. And out of control.

I have been crampy since about 3DPO, I'm gassy, I got winded pushing the grocery cart in the supermarket yesterday and I have had a general sense of agita (queasy/heartburn) for a few days.

I am aware enough to know that all of those things could totally be in my head- but basically, I am going crazy. Is anyone else in the same boat? How do you deal with the stress?

I've been trying everything to divert my attention, but it's so difficult not knowing dafuq is going on inside of me.

Ladies, how can we support each other? I am offering my attention to anyone that needs an ear. Maybe in helping others, we can help ourselves.