I’m really getting sick of my fiancé

We just had our baby, and for a while he was being really helpful, but now I guess the novelty wore off. I have to ask him fifty fucking times to do the most basic of things, like bringing me the crying baby so I can feed her. He’s the closest to the crib and he can’t even do that shit without being asked five times! I asked him if he could get me water and Tylenol while I was breastfeeding because I was cramping so badly, and he decided to go to sleep instead. He did apologize for that but I just don’t really care anymore. I was almost crying from the cramps. He acts like he’s fucking exhausted but he gets more sleep daily than I move had since my daughter was born five days ago. He can look at our daughter being fussy and crying in pain from gas while I’m changing her and have to be almost commanded to put her binky back into her mouth. I’m not joking when I say I’m starting to hate him. I wish I could slap him while he’s sleeping, but I wouldn’t. Even after he got into me for crying because I was so fucking tired. I’m getting ready to throw my ring and leave.