I’m so frustrated!!

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I just need to vent real quick... so I have had my stepdaughter completely potty trained for 3-4 months now, she’s going to be 3 next month. I quit my job last October and I stay home with her everyday and we work on alphabet and numbers, potty training, and I watch 2 other girls so she has some friends to play with. My stepdaughter sleeps through nap time and bedtime with NO accidents and her mother is aware of this. I keep seeing her mom post pictures on Snapchat and Facebook of her putting my stepdaughter in diapers!!! And when her mom brings her to me and my fiancé’s house on the days she has her before work, she will be all dressed up with her hair and makeup done, and she puts Paisley (my stepdaughter) in her friend’s son’s clothes, not dressed for the weather at all, and makes Paisley look like a little homeless kid. If you make the time to get yourself all prettied up, I believe that you should have enough time to atleast put your kid in a weather appropriate matching outfit!! Like on a hot morning, she dropped her off in this:

Now I don’t care if Paisley wants to wear boy underwear, but these were her moms friends son’s underwear!!! Why are you putting your kid in some little boys underwear?? And then on a cold morning, she sent her in this outfit with no socks or shoes or a jacket either:

I am just so frustrated because I hate confrontation and I don’t want to say anything to her, but I am getting so fed up! She’s letting Paisley drink coffee and soda and every time she comes back from her moms house she has an attitude and hits and talks back because her mom doesn’t teach her what is right and wrong or discipline her in any way. I am really hoping that she doesn’t have an accident today because she’s confused since she had a diaper on last night!!!! Ugh 😞😞😞


So she just dropped of paisley and it is 35 degrees out right now. She brought her in sandals, sweatpants, and a t shirt. I am furious right now.


She had an accident and peed ALL over the bathroom floor. Then when I texted Paisleys mom about it, she told me that she doesn’t even put Paisley in diapers. Also another fun fact, I asked Paisley this morning why she was in a diaper last night (since her mom posted a picture of her in one on Snapchat) and she said “mommy wanted me in one so I couldn’t go home n the potty.” AWESOME. I am furious right now.