UPDATE ‼️ Boyfriend having symptoms but I’m not?!🤔


Soo , Monday the 9th I thought I was starting my cycle , but it was light and it was one day only . My boyfriend has been constantly sleeping , throwing up and loss of appetite . When it comes down to me , I get tired , slight back pain buuut constantly having to go to the bathroom every 30 Mins . Now my cycle is due tomorrow. I want to wait but he wants me to go ahead and test . What should I do ? Btw I am nervous. Very nervous 😟 .

UPDATE : Good Afternoon Ladies , Sorry for the late response, but sadly I took the test, buuut it wasn’t with the first morning urine , when I took the test , it was just a couple of drops , which I knew wasn’t enough, so it did come back negative . I will be testing again in a couple of days . Today my cycle is supposed to come , but it’s not here . So I will keep you all updated when I test again or if she decides to come . You all Have A Blessed Day 💙

UPDATE #2 : 10-21-17

Good Morning Ladies .. Still Haven’t Tested Nor Is My Cycle Here. She is 4 Days Late 🤔 Ima Keep Waiting This Out , Even Though I’m Anxious ! I’m Not Stressed Or Anything , Just Patiently Waiting . I Will Most Definitely Test Next Friday If She Does Not Show . My CM Is Still Watery/ Creamy , It Does Rotate, Nausea Is From Time To Time , But These Hip Pain And Back Aches From Time To Time is Like a 7/10 , Plus Bloating And Constipation, but that’s been happening since a couple of days after the 9th . Dreams are becoming more vivid like WOW 😮 . Anyways like I said I will keep you all updated!! Have A Blessed Day Ladies ‼️💕

UPDATE #3 : 10-28-2017

Good morning Ladies 💕 Well Since There Was Still NO SIGN Of AF Last Night After 10-12 Days , I Decided To Test This Morning. Buuuuuut It Was A BFN 😩😞☹️😟 Annnd 10 Mins Later AF Decided To Show Up . I’m Real Life Heart Broken. My Mind Is Every Where , I Am Absolutely Sorry For The Heart Breaking News This Morning. 😪 ‼️BABY👶🏾👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶👶🏿 DUST ✨✨✨✨✨✨ TO YOU ALL WHO ARE TRYING ‼️ Good Luck And Have A Blessed Day 💕💘