First timer!!!

Hello ladies!!!!

I'm pretty hyped up cause i finally had the guts to ask my boyfriend of 7 years to have sex with me!!!! Yes i know 7 years and no sex?!? Well we were saving it for after marriage but yeah i guess i felt ready now and so i told him i want to and he agreeeed!! We plan to do it over this weekend. I'm super nervous yet excited. So i was hoping that you ladies give me few pointers and suggestions on how to go about it i mean i want it to be perfect a night that we both remember forever. How should i dress up? What should i wear? Should i tie my hair up so that they don't get stuck or pulled during the whole thing or let em loose so give a sexy affect? Also i own zero lingerie. Just some casual everyday bras and panties. Should i get a new pair? I'm open to suggestions!! Pls helppppp.