Dull sex? 👩🏼👱🏼❣️

Ok ladies, need some advice here. For the last year, I’ve had the nexplanon bar in my arm. I had a period for nearly four months straight and before then, it was every other week so as you can imagine, me and my husbands sex life went down the drain. I never wanted anything to do with him. We’ve been together five, going on six years. I’m young too! I’m only 21 so I definitely need some help. Our sex life doesn’t completely suck, we have sex probably four or five times a week now and it feels so good but it seems like it’s the same thing over and over again. I need to wow him. (Don’t judge, just wanted to throw this in here, I don’t suck D) I always try but I can’t ever finish because I almost throw up every time. So advice on that too would help? I really want that new relationship spark back. He is such a good husband, I just want him to feel like he is. He constantly tells me I’m gorgeous and wants to have sex all the time but sometimes I get insecure about not being that great at it. I met him when I was 15.. so he’s all I know. 😂