Unsure of dating/first appt/no ultrasound yet

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Hi everyone! I'm excited to be pregnant with my third child :) this post isn't really so much for advice or anything like that more like venting. I have no idea how far I am because I've had really irregular cycles for the past 8 months. My cycle before I found out I was pregnant was 55 days, my average over 8 months being 41 days (as low as 32 days, as high as 55 days). I had a negative test 9/29 but my doc said thats really not uncommon with irregular cycles, plus the hormones could have not been strong enough or possibly there was a weak line I didn't see. They're putting me at 11 weeks and some days based on my LMP which was August 5. Due date May 12th. I'm upset they didn't do an ultrasound right there now I have to wait until November 9th!! My first positive pregnancy test was two weeks after the negative (I was on day 69 and figured ok this is a really long cycle now), so many people think I'm probably not due till June. Has anyone else had irregular cycles and actually been further along than you thought? Less than you thought? I don't like this waiting :/