Please help !!!!!!

I know I should be getting help but I want to ask , okay so my stupidass left my baby on the couch leaning against a folded pillow while I went to turn off our hallway light , its not so far away and I figured since she was calm nothing would happen , boy was I wrong , when I turned she was on her belly leaning halfway on the corner of the sofa , I quickly ran but when I got there she fell 😢 I feel like such a bad mother because I left her like that and I didn't catch her in time , I cant afford to loose her I love her so much !! When she fell I quickly picked her up she was crying loud but she stopped , I checked her eyes at first she wouldnt open them but after about 15 seconds she did , I want to take her to the E.R but she seems to be breathing okay , She ate ( I breastfed her ) , and she was looking around and also was kicking her legs the way she does when shes trying to poop . Right now I have her laid on my shoulder i'm trying to keep her up .