Rethinking my cycle


Okay I posted the pics of my month from February till now. I wasn't getting my period at all in March and I am like OK... maybe stress but wasn't stressed then I was in training one day and I got this weird cramp and odd feeling come over me so I went to bathroom and started bleeding. Nothing major. Used one light tampon then had spotting for 3 days after that. Well I had sex quite a bit before the bleeding and then after. I never really ovulated this month and I am now 4 days late my original period start date was supposed to be 28th. Well about a week after I gained a pound no big deal I weighed 159ibs. I eat clean and exercise. Then I stated gaining more weight well now I am at 167ibs. I know it isn't normal to gain Weight like this but the first time I got pregnant when I was only a month along and was already showing.

I am having same symptoms again that I had the first time. Weight gain, gasy and bloated, excessive hair growth, Moody, late period. itchy lumps on my head.

The only thing different is About two weeks ago my nipples got super sore. Every little touch hurts.

I am thinking now maybe that the bleeding in March was implation bleeding. I've had one faint positive pregnancy test and a few negative then a couple evap lines. All read within 5 minute time frame. Idk maybe I am over thinking things.

What do you ladies think?