*TMI* but question!


Hi ladies☺️

I don’t wanna seem dumb but I’m looking for other mommies answers to this;

Today im 38 weeks i had my appt this morning at 10:45 she checked me for the first time and said im 2 cm dialated and 70% effaced. As she finished she noticed i was spotting and told me i will prolly continue to spot for a little while and that it was normal and due to her exam. (Which was so uncomfortable and kinda hurt) so i went home changed and put a panty liner on and it was bright red spotting for like 2-3 hours. After that and still now its 8:02pm and I’m spotting still but now its this dark brown like mucus type stuff, is this normal? If i still have this should i call my OB tmro morning? I have cramping and like twinges that hurt in my pelvic area. I attached a picture of when i go pee and wipe and whats on my liner. Sorry if its gross!!!

Thank you ☺️❤️