Baby announcement


Ok I really need to vent or I’m going to explode!!

I just turned 8 weeks today (with our first baby) and we had our first ultrasound so I’ve been on cloud nine the whole day getting to see my baby

We got the clear that everything so far looks great so my husband and I thought ok let’s tell JUST family this weekend (our parents and siblings already know and have been told to NOT say anything)

Well we found out that both of his dad and mother have told other family members (who aren’t suppose to know) and when I found out I instantly began to cry my eyes out!

I feel like our moment was taken from us and to make things worse his mom completely turned everything around on my husband and made us seem like the bad people!

She said “you guys need to put yourselves in our shoes. We have a right to tell people!”

Hold up whaaaaat? Put ourselves in your shoes? You have the right? This is my first child. I only get one chance to tell anyone about my first baby, this meant so much to me to be able to do and I feel like it was stolen from me.

Now I wonder who else they have told and if they aren’t just trying to hide more of the truth. She also responded with “well we told them not to say anything” uhm HELLO EARTH TO MARS WE TOLD THEM NOT TO SAY ANYTHING yet they did so why wouldn’t someone else say something?