Well I am trying not to be annoyed but I am pregnant and hormonal and I know y'all will understand. My sister in me is determined to have a May wedding which is whatever but I am not sure when in may she wants it. I am due with baby number 3 on the 21st of April and I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. The 1 year old will be Turing 2 the 24th of may which is fine we can move her birthday or whatever but why does everyone think that it would be a good damn idea to travel to freaking Hawaii with a 1-3 week old infant on top of 2 other kids who don't do well when we are in other places and never have been on a plane before. And why in the hell has no one considered that my first trip to Hawaii would basically be the lamest and worst trip ever because I will be exhausted and bleeding so I won't get to do anything fun at all. Basically I will never be able to catch up on that sleep. I will be in a strange place working extra hard instead of relaxing and enjoying a newborn. Getting up in the middle of the night to feed the newborn and to calm the kids who really hate sleeping in different places. The whole thing is just annoying and have I mentioned she's not even ENGAGED YET. He hasn't even asked her and she's planned all this crap and bought a dress. At this point I am just hoping that he doesn't ask her until like march so that she has no choice but to choose another month or wait till next year. I need more time than 1-3 weeks before I travel with 3 kids for the first time one of them being a freaking newborn.