Best sex ever

So lately sex has not been good for me because I️ been so stressed about my family 😒. But anyway I️ took a break from the real world and I️ was just hanging out with my SO and I️ looked over at him and he had such a hard on and I️ instantly I️ got turned on and I️ was like omg 💦💦💦then he looks at me and he had that look on his face and I️ already knew what was up so of course I️ played hard to get and was like no I️ don’t want it. Next thing you know I️ was on my back and he is just kissing all on my neck and sucking on my nibbles and I’m just soaking wet right now💦💦🍆😫. Then he starts dragging his tongue all the way down to my panty line and licking all over me and I’m just like I️ NEED THE DICK NOW😫😫so anyway I’m just begging for it and he just says not yet. I’m like please daddy then he just goes off and starts eating me out and I’m just cumming all over his face and I just can’t deal. I️ cum like 5 times then just when I️ thought it couldn’t get better he starts pounding me with his large dick and I’m like in tears cause it feels so good. Then he stops and eats me out again only so I️ can keep cumming all on his dick. I’m grabbing on to things and holding his back with my legs across and I️ just couldn’t deal. That was the best sex ever and I️ felt I️ should have shared lol 😆😂💦💦🍆💀