My 🌟 Baby

Lyric • Just a small mouse 🐁 in this big world 🌎 chasing her dreams 💭 and finding cheese 🧀

UPDATE: My CVS was today and they got a good amount of villi so I should get the quick results by Friday but I still have to wait 5-7 business days for the full results

at 13w2d I had my first US. The nurse who was performing the ultrasound informed me she does see some swelling around the baby's neck and stomach which could mean down syndrome which is what the blood test will help determine but when the doctor came in he looked at the US and found cystic hygroma around my baby's head which formed an actual 🌟 and severe swelling which he believes most likely means Turner's Syndrome or something worse. I cried and cried and the doctor even started to cry too and his voice cracked but he held it together to be professional and continued on to tell me more about what these disorders could possibly mean and scheduled me right away for a CVS to take a piece of the placenta and test for chromosomal abnormalities. I am so heart broken as I have had a miscarriage before I have a lot of health issues and always figured I was unlucky in the health department. He reassured me that I am capable of conceiving and carrying but this just happened because sometimes babies aren't constructed correctly from the start. I am so happy I am even able to carry this far but he said that because of the amount of swelling it could mean my baby has already started the beginning stages of miscarrying or a really serious deformity. My CVS is on Wednesday afternoon and I'll have the results within a week. This is just my sweet baby's face smiling and I swear on the US I saw my baby open and close it's mouth. Possibly yawning.