Help please - my boyfriend is texting a girl!

So I met my boyfriend on OK Cupid a few months ago, and we recently decided to become exclusive. In the spirit of full disclosure, he told me that when he deleted his dating profile he was still chatting with another girl, whom I'll call Jane. Once we became exclusive, my boyfriend made it clear to Jane that there was no possibility of a romance ever forming between the two of them, but they agreed to remain friends. I knew about this and I was okay with this. However, recently my boyfriend and I had a minor conflict. It was resolved quickly, but I found out that my boyfriend confided in Jane about our difficulties during this period. Jane apparently said something along the lines of, "I don't think your relationship is going to last because you two apparently want different things." I don't think it's appropriate for her to be making comments about my relationship, and I'm not sure I trust her motives either. My boyfriend offered all this information freely and I trust that he is being faithful, but I definitely think Jane is up to something. What should I do?