I took my baby girls pacifier away 2 days ago.... it's not going so well. HELP!!


My lil one is 5 months and 3 weeks. I took her paci away two nights ago because I noticed that she was getting really attached to it and I would frequently have to wake up at night to give it back to her. My problem now is that she hardly naps and she cries for a very long time (it hurts my heart so much and I literally want to start crying with her and just rock her to sleep) i know that's not the way to do it.... I want her to learn how to smooth herself. Is there any tips or something I can do yo help her self sooth? I have tried giving her a Blankie, rubbed her tummy and back, shushing and singing to her but she won't sleep. I know she's tired cuz she keeps yawning and now I'm afraid that she is overly tired and it's harder for her to sleep. I feel like such a bad Mom for letting her cry. HELP!