So angry at my boyfriend it's uncontrollable


So I want to start off with a fact. A fact that I know is true about myself...I am a very angry person at times. Yah, it's not the greatest! I wanted to post this because I needed advice from people I know who could help me! First of all I know I'm really mean to my boyfriend sometimes verbally, NEVER physically. I just get so mad when he says the dumbest stuff and I always hope he takes it back or...doesn't say it AT ALL! Sometimes I just think I'm a horrible girlfriend and I cant do the whole relationship thing😞I get scared he'll leave me but he never does. THANK GOD!!! I don't know what I would do without him because I love him so much but I just get mad and start fights a lot because I wish he didn't say stuff stupid stuff sometimes.😣 I yell at him when he tells me I need to change and work on it but I get so offended and is that right to be offensive to that? Like is it right of him to be say that in the first place? I'm scared lady's and I don't want to destroy my relationship with this stupid fights. How can I fix it? How could I be a happier person again? I feel like I'm crazy sometimes😞

Another fight we had was one time he told me that I was being really mean and I need to stop because he was feeling hurt but I snapped and decided to be offended again and tell him off! Making him feel like he wasn't the only one really hurt! I think my whole goal in that fight was to make him feel hurt for making me hurt. Well I hope y'all can help me because I'm desperate for it at this time! Thank you so much for reading