Psycho neighbor?!? What should I do?

So we moved into a different apartment in our complex & ever since we moved in we've had to deal with the neighbor across from us who's crazy 😭 keep in mind we're not bad neighbors, we keep to ourselves, we're quiet, and polite! But ever since we've moved in this girl has had it out for us, ever since we first saw her (we waved and said hi) and she gave us a dirty look. Anyway here's a couple examples of how crazy this girl is.

1. She SLAMS her door. Every single day. Multiple times a day. This girl seriously whips this door shut with ALL of her might. It shakes everything in our apartment (it even knocked a light fixture off our ceiling & shattered to pieces right above my daughters high chair which thank god she wasn't in at the time) trust me I'm not exaggerating when I say this.. AND she slams the door so loud sometimes it wakes my sleeping baby up 😭

2. She gives us dirty looks all the time. I'm not talking about the "resting bitch face" she purposely gives us nasty ass looks for no reason. We were leaving the other day as she was coming home & my boyfriend waved and smiles and she looks us dead in the eye and just gives us this nasty ass look & we both looked at each other & laughed bc what the fuck??? What did we do to you???

3. The other night she woke me up at 3AM bc she was slamming her door over and over again, stomping up and down the stairs, and tossing heavy objects around. She did this for an hour or so, making SO MUCH noise at 3am?!?

Those are just a couple examples. But keep in mind she lives across from us? & she is the only one who acts like this. We have someone who lives next to us, behind us, below us, and I've never heard a peep from them, they all are friendly, it's just her 😭 I've never spoken a word to the girl but she hates us for no reason. I'm not the confrontational type but I'm at the point where I want to say something (especially when she wakes my sleeping baby) but we move in a month so it's not even worth it. I'm about to lose it though 😫