.... oops?

I feel terrible... Back story: I am in a relationship with a married man, soon to be divorced. First week of June it'll be official. We met while he was still married. We were supposed to be just a fling, I was alright with being the mistress. I'm 23 he's 27, I was no where near wanting anything serious. We fell hard and unexpectedly. He felt terrible and so he filed for divorce. I felt like a home wrecker but "how can you break something that has already been broken since day one" (his words). His family knows about me, his mom wants to meet me. He's met mine (this past weekend). His "soon to be ex wife" knows about me". The divorce was going "smoothly", they came to a settlement (no children involved), up until she saw my photo. She started calling me private after hacking his phone records. She started making the divorce process stressful asking for more money. I just don't understand how she can act this way when she already has someone (she's moving in with in the next week or two) and the divorce is in process. I don't want to sound conceited but I think she thought I would be ugly or something. She's 39! She's actually like a teenager! It was going fine until she saw me. Wtf!
I don't know what I'm looking for as in comments but I guess if anyone has ever been in a similar situation....?