How every one of you helped me get my BFP ✨ (long post)

Amanda • Jackson Ryan 7/26/18 💙 Logan Carter 12/24/19 💙

I would like to start by saying that I really don’t think I could have gotten my BFP without this app and all you ladies.

At the end of March my DH and I decided we would try for our first baby, so I finished the last pack of BC I was on, which I had been on for 10 years, got a period and then nothing. And nothing. And nothing. For 4 months. I went to my OB around the 4 month mark of no period. Blood HCG was neg, OB thought I had PCOS which was upsetting and she sent me for lab work to confirm. A week later she called and told me all of my labwork looked great and did not indicate PCOS, so she gave me a round of Provera to “jumpstart” things. The Provera did give me a withdrawal bleed but once again going into mid September no sign of a natural period and going on 40 or so days since taking Provera. Now as we all know, these 6 months or so of no period mean no ovulation either so I was getting frustrated. It was around this time that I turned to this app. I learned an immense amount of information. So going to my next OB appt towards the end of September I felt she needed to be a little more drastic. She prescribed me provera and clomid 50 mg days 3-7. She told me not to worry about using OPK, and told me not to worry about when to BD. Never mentioned anything about US to monitor follicles or checking a 21 day progesterone. It felt as though the provera and clomid took forever to finish and during the waiting I read about pre seed. I have never had EWCM so I figured we would give it a try. I also had minimal side effects from the clomid.

Where it starts to get interesting-

Miraculously on CD 11 I started to cramp like AF was coming and I used my first OPK. Over the next couple days the cramping was intense and it felt like both of my ovaries and uterus were going to explode. However I saw this as a good thing- OPKs were getting darker and I thought “wow is this actually working?” I got my + OPK on CD 14. As far as BD goes you will all think I was out of my mind. DH and I BD’d for 10 days straight probably half of the days was twice a day (and no I do not think this was fun for either of us) starting from CD 9 to around CD 19. We used pre seed probably for the 4 days closest to the + OPK, was taking a pre natal daily, and I would lie there after with a pillow under my hips even though I know that does not matter.

After ovulation initially nothing.

6-7 dpo had episodes of nausea and appetite change

9-10 dpo- noticed sharp low back pain, intermittent cramping similar to AF, and a watery CM that I had never had before.

I was getting anxious so early morning on 11 dpo I took a cheapie and I thought there was a line but it was so faint I thought it was evap. I am so impatient I held my bladder for 3 hrs or so and tested again about 9 hrs later. And when I looked I could not believe my eyes. Still faint but undeniable.

The fact that my body was skrewing up so badly and not ovulating at all, yet could manage to do everything right with just one round of clomid I still cannot wrap my head around it. I see so many of you struggling for years and clomid does not work, nothing seems to work. I have found the information shared in this app so incredibly helpful and I really hope I can pass it forward. Baby dust to all of you!!!