Relationships & Trouble

Recently i went to Planned Parenthood to get birth control once again, depo shot, and i was on it before and now I'm on it again and staying in it for the rest of high school. I was tested for STDs because i felt it was a good idea to make sure i was healthy and i was positive for chlamydia. I made an appointment asap once the woman told me and i talked to my bestfriend's mother and my current boyfriend about it- who took it well and is happy that I told him instead of hiding it like some people, which i wouldn't because we make sure were honest even if its hard to say or personal. He said he'd be there for me and we're both going to the clinic to receive our antibotics. (I'm 16 and he's 17.) He's a virgin and has only been with me sexually while I've been with 3 other people sexually but all protected except for one- i do know who it is that could have gave it to me without knowing or even telling me he had something.

I suppose I am thinking about my relationship because i know how my boyfriend feels about me and we already went through so much and still are as far as decisions for the future. He doesn't like when i close up and shut him out because when im stressed or depressed, i tend to do that to him and im already feeling depressed about the situation and i don't want him in the position again where he feels helpless because he tells me that's how he feels when i do things like that.

I suppose im saying this to just get feedback from people on relationships and stds to just hear from those who've been through it. Or have advice. Nothing negative please, i made mistakes a year ago that are affecting me today and im just trying to get better.