Changing back to a hospital?


So I’ve been with a midwifery program since 20 weeks but I’m now 26 weeks and my midwife has lied to me. At both appointments she stated that she would give me a referral for a scan at 31 weeks to check on the baby as I lost my first and it would make me feel better. She also stated that she would give me a referral for a 3D scan for free at the hospital. I never brought these scans up either she did, she mentioned them to me and got me excited, for 3 weeks I’ve been sitting here waiting for my referral in the mail for these scans however the head midwife just called and informed they don’t even do that at all. So I’ve been looking forward to nothing apparently. I’m so fucking upset. Only one place in this state does 3D scans and they cost $290 for a 15-20 minute scan, 4 photos taken on your USB and if the baby doesn’t cooperate that day, and you get no photos, you don’t get another scan for free. I have money saved but for more important things, not a scan that’s not necessary. I’m so upset she lied to me about it. Otherwise I actually probably would’ve saved up for that really expensive scan. I can’t stand being lied to and it doesn’t seem professional for my midwife to lie me so I really just want to change back to hospital where I’m not lied to and I don’t need do deal with such things but I don’t know how to change back to the hospital? I don’t do well with confrontation so I don’t want to call the midwifery group and say I dont want to be with them anymore but I did let them know I most certainly do not like being lied to. Does anyone know if I could just ring the hospital and ask to come back?