How to bring up you want a divorce.. again??


UPDATE: I had the talk with him, and finished the divorce petition.. he's agreeded to all my terms so hopefully this won't be as messy as I thought.......... Okay so my husband and I have been discussing divorce for about 2+ years now. However we separated for a couple months but a couple weeks ago I told him I was willing to try things again.. (I should also mention I am in love with my best friend who is also in love with me but lives on the other side of the country rn, my husband knows this).. Well I've been trying, I really have and he seems to think things are going great but I just don't have the feeling of wanting to stay with him like at all anymore. I love him as the father of my child but I can't spend my life with him 😔 I don't know how to handle this now because he seems so happy (even though we haven't slept together in over 6 months now, and we hardly ever kiss). I messed up our seperation by getting back together. I feel like things are going to be messy now when it would have been completely civil otherwise.