How could it not work!


I’ve been ttc for 7 months. Been taking prenatal vitamins and b complex every day for 2 months. I’ve been taking maca for a month. This month we BD 7/10 days leading up to my ovulation day. I took an OPK to know just when it would happen. We used pre seed for the 3 days leading up to ovulation. I haven’t drank for 7 months. I don’t smoke cigarettes, I eat relatively healthy although I indulge in the odd cheeseburger or pizza. How can I be all the perfect conditions to make a baby and yet it’s not working? I have a short luteal phase (8-10 days) and I’ve done everything I can (other than go to the doctor) to fix this. Essential oils, and foods and vitamins to increase progesterone, nothing works. I fear that because we haven’t been trying for a year yet the doctor will tell me to keep trying. Thinking about scheduling an appointment anyway... I was getting all the pinches and pokes that I thought were a sign and AF just showed up at 10 dpo. Anyone else feel like they’re broken? Like they’re the perfect control group in an experiment and yet for some reason it’s not working as easily as they said it would in high school 🙄 I need some encouragement 😭