I live with my boyfriend. And my mother is wanting to come visit. Doesn't seem like a big deal, right?. Well. You don't know my mom. Yes I love her so much. But she all about drugs and money. Especially drugs. Yes I wish she didn't do drugs. But I'm not gonna disown her because of it. My dad kill himself when I was 8, so she's the only parent I have. So each month, I get a $600 ss check. From my dad dying. My mother knows this. My boyfriend gets paid each week, too. She's knows that too. She is always asking me for my money. When that runs out, she's asking me to ask my boyfriend. An I love my mom with all my heart. But shes so selfish. I know she cares about me in some way. But she cares more about drugs. An I know that. I've accepted it. But me and my boyfriend are ttc. We need to save up our money for a baby. My mom knows that too. But you know she doesn't care. Unless shesgot her drugs. I'm not sure what to do. Because I will break down and give her money. She's really good at begging. Especially when she's look at you crying and begging, she's my

Mom. And I love her. I'm just not sure what to do.

Also she's got this boyfriend. She always has a different boyfriend every month or so. But he's so deadbeat. He makes fakes checks and shit. Steals stuff then returns it for money. For what?

Take a guess.


Anyways my brother and sister are on the shit too. Which im the only in my family who doesn't do it besides my little brother.


What should I do? Idk I guess I was venting kinda too..