Advice please

I am so pissed off - even 8 months since it has happened I think about it everyday. I’m 16 years old and I lost my virginity in Feb only for my boyfriend to have given me chlamydia and gonnorhoea. I feel dirty and abnormal compare to everyone else my age and the worst part is a lot of my friends are sluts who do sleep around unprotectedly and most probably don’t have anything. I was with 1 boy who was only 17 and slept with 2 people - of course it was a shock to him too. I’m so pissed off and upset because now I feel like a disgusting person for having something society classes as dirty and only ‘trashy’ people get ....fuck sake I’m too young for this shit (we didn’t use condoms because I was on birth control)😩😣😣😣😣