TMI But Please read and help


About a week ago, my boyfriend came into town and well we jumped right into having sex. There was little foreplay and we didn’t use a condom or anything. (I’m on the pill and he pulled out so I’m not worried about pregnancy or anything like that.)

Well the sex was somewhat rough, and like I said, not a lot of foreplay or lubrication or anything.

Well 3 or 4 days later, I started to experience pain in two places, one on my clit, and two on my vagina near the opening. The vagina is also swelled and now at this point looks even worse in terms of being swollen and looks like a sore or something.

Both me and my boyfriend are clean in terms of STDs or whatever.

With the pain on my clit, i think it’s simply where he rubbed my clit with a lot of pressure to get me to cum which left it kinda raw, cause that’s happened before. I’m more personally worried about the swelling of my vagina and what to do about it. It’s already been swollen for 4-5 days now, and it hurts like hell to the touch and is very discomforting.

Any advice on what it is or how to get the pain and swelling to go down? Like, I’m really embarrassed and worried because this has never happened before.