Complex cyst after first round of Clomid

Hi guys,

I began my first round of clomid at the start of this cycle. On day 12 I had my scan. There were 4 follicles but they also found a 3.8 cm complex hemorrhagic cyst on my left ovary. On day 15 I had horrific cramps, nearly ended up in a&e; (a hot water bottle seemed to calm it all down!) and then nothing really until I got my period yesterday. I'm seeing my fertility specialist (NHS) next week to find out what to do next. I'm 35 and ttc number 1. I had another cyst removed on same ovary last Feb ( they thought it was an endometrioma but it turned out to be a serous cyst instead). We've been ttc for 8 months.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar and what happened next for you if it did?

Thanks so much.