Frustrating communication issues

I just mentioned to my boyfriend that I feel like he’s got too comfortable in our relationship and that I feel like he doesn’t try anymore.

We’ve been together 10 months which isn’t even very long. I love him a lot and I’ve known from the start that he isn’t the mushy type (I don’t like soppy so that’s a good thing). But he used to do little affectionate things like randomly kiss me on the forehead or put his hand on my leg etc.

He rarely/never does that anymore and it’s making me feel a bit down about the relationship.

What’s worse is that I just tried to tell him how I feel and he just shot me down, told me it was an “unnecessary conversation” and turned over and said I “ruined a lovely day” and went to sleep.

I am SO frustrated with how he reacted!

Any advice would be lovely 😩