That asmr went to my brain

I have been watching asmr videos on YouTube (google asmr) because it's really relaxing. Asmr is making the news. Psychologists are studying it trying to know more about it. Recently it has really blown up and you probably know what it is and either hate it or love it.

For those of you who don't know and will not understand this at unless I explain it, asmr is where you can be visually or audibly stimulated by certain things or for example: watching someone draw a picture or watch someone play with their own hair. Or hearing someone tap on something like a pillow or book. It's kind of like how an old clock will tick you to sleep, or how your mom brushed your hair and it relaxed you. It's good for insomnia and anxiety. I have both. Asmr has actually really made a difference in my daily life because it relieves so much anxiety. I found asmr because I liked watching facial massage videos, where people go to spas and have a facial and all that jazz. When I found asmr I was like "why in the literal fuck it this woman tapping a glass jar with her makeup brush" but I figured it out after it started to relax me.

I have been watching it for so long now. My favorite trigger is tapping.

I KEEP TAPPING ON RANDOM THINGS. I have my lotion beside me and I was laying down and relaxing and started to tap the lotion bottle and caught myself RELAXING MYSELF BY TAPPING ON LOTION.

What in the world. My brain has been way to over soaked with asmr

I mean, it's definitely not an unhealthy way to cope or relax yourself. It isn't hurting me but it is hilarious.

I didn't even realize I was doing it. I just snapped out of it like " I seriously tapping myself to sleep?"