4 weeks preggo with endometriosis


Hi fellow soon-to-be mamas! After 5 months of trying with my husband I found out I was finally pregnant. I was extremely surprised it took only 5 months, seeing as I’ve suffered from endometriosis since puberty (anyone else who is ttc and has endo: Metformin is the way to go!) anyway, my husband does not yet know (I have a surprise photo shoot planned for Sunday 🤩) so of course I’ve had to keep it quiet and I’ve done the one thing you aren’t supposed to do: I’ve googled everything that can go wrong with pregnancy and endometriosis. All of this still doesn’t feel real to me yet. So my question is this: has anyone else out there made it past 12 weeks/ had a healthy baby while suffering with endo? And when did this whole process actually feel real? This is my first pregnancy and it’s all so new and I feel like I really haven’t grasped it all yet. Thank you all in advance for any answers or words of advice ♥️