This is my story...


I would really like for people to help me out as not many people actually comment back to me :(

So my story is I came off the pill in late September after deciding to TTC. I got a little bleed straight after and then I got a period 3-4 weeks after. So I was pleased.

I’m trying to conceive but finding all the OPKS very confusing. I have no idea when to take them, what I’m really looking for? I tried the clearblue digital, but only got flashing smilies- no normal one?

I was fertile this month from 18th- 23rd. But I only had sex on the 22nd. Do I still have a chance?

And are some OPKS I did- can anyone help me figure out when I ovulated?

I just need some help- it’s all new to me!

Sending love to everyone xxx