First Ultrasound 😍

Z • 💍 5.27.16 💙👦🏻6.26.18 💖👶🏻02.2020📍HouTX

I had my first ultrasound on Tuesday! Tbh, this is our first pregnancy after 15 months ttc and my husband and I were expecting the worst for our own protection. Miscarriage hits close to home in his family and with me having absolutely no symptoms but occasional cramping and more recently, sore breasts, we had engraved in our minds that our first pregnancy will miscarry. We both shed tears of joy seeing and hearing our little meatball’s heart beat! Due date: July 14, 2018 💙💖

*Im posting this at 4:30am because I woke up out of my sleep wanting Waffle House... oh hey, pregnancy. There you are. 😆