BFP!!!!!6 days before period

Still in shock!!!!! I woke up thanksgiving day and i was very congested and had a headache, it carried on until last night. So Last night around 2am i felt nauseous and my boobs were sore and felt bigger, i thought it was weird bc i felt like my period was coming. (With my first child i had these symptoms around the time i found out. ANYWAY, i had only this test leftover from 2 months ago and decided what the heck, why not? Immediately after i took i didn’t see anything (assumed it was bfn because with my first child i got bfp right away) so i took off my makeup and when i grabbed it to throw away, there it was! I still can’t believe it, we started TTC in late August💛💛💛 i still think this is too good to be true so i am headed to the store to get a few more pregnancy tests!!!! Praying this all turns out the way we want it to, so nervous!

(Btw when i tested with my first child i was almost 6 weeks along) i didn’t even know you can get a bfp at almost 4 weeks