The day my life changed

🕉 Cassandra 🌞 • 20 yrs old July 16, 2018 💙👶👣 Liam Nathaniel 👣

So my SO and I went to the doctors today because I been having nausea and bad tummy pains and we maybe thought I could be pregnant but weren't completely sure. We get there and I'm just a nervous wreck because anytime I went they tell us we're not pregnant. I pee in the cup and waited about 20 min for the results 😑😍 the Dr finally comes in and says it straight out.. you're pregnant. says it like he's said it a thousand times already. I still remember those beautiful words. I never thought I could get pregnant I lost all hope because we been trying for 7 months but then this lil miracle happened(: I'm extremely excited but scared to be a mom but I know we'll be great!(: this has changed my life for the better and I couldn't be more happier!!