catch up

I’ve been talking to my ex the last couple of days (we always talk on and off) but have only just reconnected after him not talking to me for awhile (I didn’t know why) during our last conversation he informed me he stopped talking to me because he was falling in love with me and though it would be easier because he knows im in a relationship (no hate) anyway we’ve decided to have a catch up probably have lunch but im so nervous because im so afraid he’ll try and kiss me or something like that and I have no idea how I will react if he try’s something

⚠️im not after judgment so if you gonna give it to me then you can stfu cause i don’t wanna here it⚠️

EDIT// i didn’t delete my other post it’s still there retard like Iike I said you stfu cause I don’t care what you think

EDIT 2// it’s not a question just hoping for some insight