this is SO miserable 😞

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i’m currently 17 and have been living with IBS since i was about 14 or 15, and it’s honestly the most miserable thing i’ve ever been through. it’s IBS-C (constipation) and i have no idea how to reduce anyone the symptoms. i get extremely gassy and i always feel like there’s shit in my intestines that can never get completely emptied out. it for some reason gets especially triggered at night when i’m lying down to go to sleep which makes it very hard to go out to social events that involved spending the night (parties, sleepovers, etc) because my stomach cramps up and hurts and makes horrendously loud noises. i’ve been on Miralex since August and it’s still awful. I tried IB guard and that doesn’t always help and when it does it’s very minimal. i really need help with this, it’s making regular activities like going out/using the restroom/going to school very difficult.