Hey guys, I just wanted to come out and say it, I’m battling with anorexia.

It’s hard to live a normal life because every time I look around there are all of these naturally skinny and fit girls that can eat as much junk as they want and don’t gain a pound. I’m in a facility that is helping me. But through the time I’ve been here I’ve learned that everybody here has their own story not everybody here has the same struggles I have. I’ve learned to deal with the fact that I’m going to seek treatment because I need to. In this facility there so many people who have gone through so much worse than myself have, it’s hard to sit here and starve myself because I feel fat while other people have been abuse or have been mentally deemed crazy and try to live a normal life. I can’t watch them because I have no empathy. I’m a psychopath but I feel as if I’m not a bad person, that it’s just harder for me to do good. But I will do good on this, so I can have a normal, healthy, and amazing life.

I’ll be documenting my journey wish me luck.