Would you let your daughter take the dog you got for her with her when she moved out?


So My dog was gotten for me almost five years ago. He’s more attached to me than either of my parents. But they absolutely refuse to let me take him to mine and my boyfriends house to live.

Poor dog has really no room to play in my parents house because they literally only let him outside to go to the bathroom They live on a main road in town so they don’t have much choice.

My house is in the middle of nowhere with 4 acres for him to play around in. Plus my boyfriends pit bull is playful and loves my dog.

My boyfriend and my dog have this weird bond too. Like the dogs the most hyper thing on earth but the second he walks in the house the dogs calm and sits right by him.

Like I get that my parents love the dog almost as much as I do but I feel like it’s entirely not fair that I can’t have my dog at my house. So I never get to see him anymore unless I have to go to there house for something

This really isn’t much of a rant but I don’t know where else to post it lol

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